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     Please enjoy these testimonies sent in to us by actual Shock 'N Awe customers.  We hope that you find these stories helpful in making your decision about Shock 'N Awe Stun Guns.  If you have a story that you would like to share, please send it by e-mail to

September 2013

I love the Shock n' awe Body Guard 6.2 million stun gun. It has saved me from a dog one day already and I love having it in my pocket all the time! What a great piece of self-defense technology.

This is why I bought like -5 of them I think it was - perhaps six. I gave one to my Ex girlfriend, to my new girlfriend. I keep one in my jacket pocket, car, home, everywhere…

I love your product and am always preaching that "it it the best way - of self defense!"

In your pocket, non-lethal, not against the law like concealed weapon, loaded weapon, discharging firearm in public, etc - and it works on dogs if you just fire it in the air!

I LOVE this device!

Its the best!

I want to buy more… Thank you!


Pacifica, California

February 2013

     Just wanted to say, we bought this item for our daughter spending her spring semester in Moscow. Got news last night that her item made it through customs and she has it on her person at all times.
Thank you for taking some of the worry away while she is out of the country.
     She did keep the hand bracelet with her and put the rest of the item in her suitcase.
     Thank you again.
July 2012 

     What a pleasure doing business with professional people!

From Shock 'N Awe:

     Thank you for the compliment!  We strive for professionalism and great customer service.  It's exciting when we get to see it paying off for our customers.   "Stay Safe - Carry a Shock 'N Awe Stun Gun"

January 2012

Here is the brief version of my experience with your Shock 'N Awe stun guns.  Rodger B.

     At age 67, I make a solitary coast to coast ride each year. I was riding solo across New mexico in the rain. It starts to rain really hard so I pull off the highway and get under the cover of a closed up / boarded up truck stop to add rain pants. I am getting out my gear when two (men), dirty and homeless looking, come out from around the back of the building.  One is 50'ish the other in his 30's.
     The older one walks up to me on the other side of the bike . The young one makes his way around behind me. They are saying things like "nice bike" etc. I turn to face the younger one behind me and pull out my stun gun. I press the button a couple of times and the electric arc crackles across the electrodes each time. The younger one says "we don't want anything."  Oh sure that is why you came around behind me. I crackled the stun gun again and said "just go" waving my hand. He slowly walks back around to other side of bike and they slowly made their way back around to the back of the building from where they came. I guess they were staying in that abandoned building to keep dry. I had to pee really bad so with the Shock 'N Awe Stun Gun in one hand, I took a leak with the other. 
     I then mounted back up and rode back into the rain. That Harley sure does attract some low life people. Anyway, I was sure glad I had that stun gun in my pocket. I felt like it saved me from getting my ass kicked and robbed. Best $100.00 I ever spent!
          Rodger B.
From Shock 'N Awe:
     Rodger reported this incident to us over the phone before sending this to us by e-mail.  He also stated on the phone that he had had another incident a few weeks before.  Relaying that incident to us, he said that he had to pull out his pistol to ward off the trouble, but that it took a lot to convince the trouble that the pistol was real and that he would use it if necessary.  Rodger stated that what stood out in his mind when comparing the two incidents was how quickly and effectively the Shock 'N Awe Stun Gun worked to get him out of the tight spot, which he told us about above!
Thank you Rodger B. for your story and support!  Glad you made it home safely.
"Stay Safe - Carry a Shock 'N Awe Stun Gun"